I met Wolfgang Scherzer the first time while conducting a clinic in Alabama.  What made me remember this clinic was a gentleman one could tell was experienced, had knowledge but came to the clinic as a student for a total overhaul and not afraid to take lessons in front of his students.

There is a saying I believe in: a good teacher must also be a good student, he was that.  Wolfgang gave himself to the given instructions without hesitation, his attitude saying I am here to learn.  Totally humble, willing to allow me to literally dissect him and then putting him back together. What a treat.

We talked a moment making sure I knew what he wanted from me, his answer; everything you have to give what would make me an even a better rider, trainer and teacher.  He told me that he does not have a lot of help and rides a lot by himself, not much time to seek instruction.  All of us have been in that situation, working for a living training and teaching.  He allowed me to work on his position, work on basics, his aiding in his training and I was humbled by his incredible attitude toward all the given critic and instruction.


His prior training one could tell has given him a very good education, he has worked in the past with the best in his profession.  His statement to me was "I would like to be the rider, trainer and teacher I know I could be and my goal is to be able to give that to my coming up horses and students."  Would I give that trainer and teacher my horses and student were I in a position needing that, Yes, I would. 

This is a professional who is willing to still learn, improve, listen to help given and his generosity to horses and riders is evident watching him interact with his horses and students.  I endorse this professional without hesitation.

​Lilo Fore

I have known Wolfgang for several years and been working with him in a training program for almost a year and a half.  As an adult amateur with my own farm, I have always struggled in getting consistent training at home and/or having to commute long distances to clinics and lessons. 

There were some days that I would not want to get in the car and drive out to ride, but each and every time I can look back and say it was great lesson, we learned something and I am glad I did it. 

Wolfgang is a knowledgeable, kind and positive mentor and genuinely cares about each individual horse and rider combination. His experience with dressage and horse management is lifelong and extensive. He was trained by some of the true masters. His teaching style is very positive, empowering and he enjoys seeing you and your horse progress. 

I had some lofty goals when I started, and without Wolfgang's commitment, encouragement, and patience, I would not have finally reached the FEI level and ultimately earned my Silver medal!


​Anna Marie Coley

Adult Amateur, Bronze and Silver Medalist

I have known Wolfgang and respected his knowledge and skills for more than  25 years.  His lessons encompass training methods, which have been respected for many generations.  Wolfgang has the ability to teach with compassion both the green and experienced rider and horse, giving them lasting tools to build foundations for training at home.

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Christa Snider

I have been riding in clinics with Wolfgang Scherzer for at least four years.  He is encouraging, empowering, and enthusiastic.  In every clinic in every lesson, he finds a way to set every horse and rider up for success.  After a clinic the "Wolfgang Magic" lingers for a long while.  He gives every student his undivided attention.  

I have also sent my horse to Wolfgang for training.  He worked wonders with my hot sensitive mare.  When I came to pick her up from training she was confident, relaxed and willing, and she was taking contact without a fuss.  He was able to work her in a more ground covering frame and left me with a plan for continued progress.  I would not hesitate to recommend Wolfgang to any aspiring amateur dressage rider for lessons and for horse training.  Wolfgang Scherzer is the real deal!   

Kay Sommerkamp

Over the last 10 years Wolfgang Scherzer has helped develop my abilities as a rider from first level to FEI. His interest in creating a positive experience makes training challenges more understandable and fixable. I, and my horse, appreciate the exercises that Wolfgang designs to help me progress with every ride and his focus to making each session positive for the rider and horse..



Judy Ethell

Adult Amateur, Bronze and Silver Medalist

Wolfgang Scherzer seems to have one goal in mind: He trains his students to work in harmony with their horses to the best of their ability. Wolfgang understands his students whether they be Juniors, Adult Amateurs, or Professionals – he provides an inviting experience for every type of rider.  

Wolfgang's approachable and authentic demeanor attracts both junior and adult amateur riders, while his dressage knowledge and attention to detail is equally important to professionals. In fact, my trainer, Jill Allard of Evergreen Farm recommend we clinic with Wolfgang as a supplement to her program.  I highly recommend Wolfgang Scherzer as a clinician and trainer.


Liz Carlin

I have been hosting Wolfgang Scherzer Clinics at my farm in Odessa, Fl for the past seven years and rode with him several years prior.  Everyone looks forward to Wolfgangs arrival. I find it amazing that he gives as much to the very last rider in the clinic as he does the very first. He has a way of getting you to go outside of your comfort zone and accomplish something new. He makes it fun and yet you always walk away with something new from each ride. Wolfgang gives as much attention to training level riders as he does Grand Prix riders.

Mary Anne Burns

The longevity of Wolfgang's commitment to our monthly clinic speaks volumes about how much we rely on and appreciate his guidance. He has been training our group since 1991 and rarely have we canceled! We have all advanced in our training and we know exactly how we got there.  Wolfgang helps each one of us advance in our OWN goals and he fosters that individuality.
Now I certainly value his dedication to each student's personal training journey, but I do think Wolfgang's best attribute is his delightful personality. He laughs, tells jokes, and he's always so kind – it's easy to see why we love our monthly clinic!!


Susie Moore